At Menotti Enterprise, we bring our expertise to construction projects to ensure that our clients have a frustration-free experience. That means eliminating a common source of frustration: pests that invade the construction site!

Because construction sites often have open or unsealed portions, they’re highly susceptible to rodents — and typical methods of rodent control simply don’t cut it. Don’t let the rodents set up shop on your site: Reach out to Menotti Enterprises to send them packing. We offer expert rodent management techniques and robust solutions to help keep your construction zone rodent-free.

Menotti Enterprise’s construction rodent management solution package — which will be tailored to your specific site — includes these services:
Risk management on a job site involves more than just identifying and preventing hazards related to work equipment. New York City hosts a variety of pests that introduce a variety of health and safety hazards to the public as well as construction workers.

If you’re seeing evidence of a rodent infestation at your worksite, this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed in order to prevent the spread of disease. Contact Menotti Enterprise today to schedule an appointment for rodent control and learn how you can prevent an infestation down the road.

✓ Training in pest prevention ✓ Inspection ✓ Rodent proofing and control ✓ Sanitation of pest-affected areas ✓ Reporting
We offer safe yet effective control treatments, smart prevention tactics, and the necessary equipment and chemicals to eliminate rodents from your construction site and prevent them from returning. This includes the following common pests:

✓ mice ✓ rats ✓ other rodents ✓ cockroaches ✓ ants ✓ bedbugs ✓ pests
and much more!
What sets Menotti Enterprises apart? We understand the ins and outs of a construction site, which means that we’ve got the know-how to be able to provide an informed approach to pest management and pest control at your site. We offer an individualized approach that meets your specific needs and targets your biggest vulnerabilities to rodents. Reach out to Menotti Enterprises today for your construction pest management solutions.

Site safety plays an integral in any construction project. Without the right precautions in place, your company could be looking at on-site incidents and future delays. This is where the team at Menotti Enterprise comes into play. Get in touch with our risk management professionals today and see how we can keep your upcoming project on track.
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The first step to pest risk management is to identify what type of pest you’re dealing with. Pests in New York City range from bugs to rodents and even birds. These different pests show different signs of their presence, and it’s important to have a professional who knows how to recognize these signs inspect your work site. 

Signs of a pest infestation can range from droppings to structural damage, so it’s important to consult with a risk management specialist and eliminate any pests as soon as signs arise that they’re present. If you’re concerned that you have a pest infestation, contact Menotti Enterprise to start the extermination process.


After the pest has been identified, it’s important to take steps to eliminate them from the job site. Depending on the type of pest, a spray may be applied, traps may be set, and even bug bombs could be placed. It’s important to make your team aware of this activity so that they can avoid the areas that are being sprayed to prevent any illness or reaction to chemicals.

On top of spraying for pests, it’s important to eliminate the source that is attracting the pests. Common pests are attracted to standing water, food scraps, and piles of material — this could be garbage or it could be building material.


After the pests have been eliminated, it’s important to maintain a work environment that prevents pests from returning. A risk management consultant from Menotti Enterprise can help create solutions for pest problems, such as changing work practices, cleaning up the work site regularly, and spraying for pests on a regular basis.

It’s important to train your team on pest control as part of risk management on the job site. Make sure they are throwing garbage in dumpsters, storing materials and tools properly, and are keeping an eye out for potential pests.


Why Hire A Licensed Construction Safety Consultant


When it comes to risk management and pest control, no one is as reliable and dedicated to providing the resources and tools you need to keep your team safe like Menotti Enterprise. From pest identification to extermination, and then pest prevention, we can teach you how to keep pests at bay for the health and safety of your crew as well as the general public.

Contact Menotti Enterprise in New York City today to schedule a consultation.