Trusted Safety Staffing Company in NYC

It is vitally important for construction companies to have a safety professional on site to help prevent accidents by ensuring that proper safety procedures are followed. Our team includes trained, professional safety consultants who are experienced at on-site safety management to provide you with real-time guidance & assistance. When you utilize our Safety Staffing solution, we free you from the burden of finding, hiring, and managing your own safety personnel. We make it simple and can custom tailor our service. When we become your Safety Consultant you get to say:

Say “BYE” to:

  • Employee Compensation
  • Employer Taxes
  • Employee Benefit Costs
  • Paid Time Off
  • Training Costs
  • Increased Workers Comp Insurance
  • Increased Non-Compliance Fines

Say “Hi” to:

  • All Inclusive Cost Options
  • 100% Tax Deductible Business Expense
  • Earning Triple Credit (MBE, DBE, SDVOSB)
  • As Needed Contract Options
  • Access to Professionals w/Years of Experience
  • Access to Our Pool of Safety Professionals
  • Reduced Workers Comp Costs
  • Reduced SWO’s & Violations
Safety Staffing
Is Your Site Inspection Ready?

At Menotti Enterprise, we offer safety audit services done by highly skilled safety professionals. During these audits, your worksite will be given a comprehensive examination in real-time. This exam looks at all aspects of the job site, including positive compliant areas, at-risk conditions, and even at-risk behaviors of your workers. Our team will review your programs, documentation, policies and procedures, practices, and systems in place to determine if there are any regulatory agency violations, potential liability issues, and risk exposures.

With this information, the safety inspector is able to provide you a detailed report with essential information and corrective action that should be taken in order to make your worksite safe and compliant. Our safety audits are genuine and unbiased. They are focused on discovering the root cause of any current or potential issues in order to provide the tools you need for correction. With our safety audits, you can rest assured that we will uncover what you need in order to create a safe, secure, and productive worksite.

If you have a more ongoing need in the field, we have just the safety professional for the job.  

  • DOB Licensed Site Safety Manager
  • DOB Licensed Site Safety Coordinator
  • DOB Licensed Concrete Safety Manager
  • DOB Licensed Superintendents
  • Certified Health Safety Technician
  • Safety Engineer (Track Work)
  • Safety Supervisors (Track Work)
  • FDNY Construction Site Fire Safety Manager – S56
  • COVID Safety Officer
  • Qualified Safety Professional