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Best PracticesComplianceDOB Graphic highlighting NYC DOB Update on Upcoming Changes for Construction Superintendents

NYC Construction Superintendent Regulations 2024 Changes

In the dynamic landscape of New York City’s construction industry, staying informed about regulatory changes is essential. The Department of Buildings (DOB) has introduced significant amendments to the rules governing Construction Superintendents, effective from January 2, 2024, as outlined in Local Law 149 of 2021. Menotti Enterprise LLC is dedicated to guiding you through these…

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Best PracticesSafety CultureSite Safety Two construction workers with hard hats working on a construction site.

Site Safety 101: Best Practices for Construction Sites

Construction sites are bustling with activity, making them inherently risky places. Ensuring site safety is not just about compliance; it’s about protecting lives and fostering a productive work environment. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 1 in 5 worker deaths in 2019 were in construction. Hence, adhering to the best safety practices…

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Best PracticesRecognitionSite Safety Construction worker wearing ear protection on a job site during National Protect Your Hearing Month.

Construction Ear Safety: National Protect Your Hearing Month

Construction Ear Safety: Celebrating National Protect Your Hearing Month October is not just about the vibrant fall colors or the spooky Halloween festivities. It’s also the National Protect Your Hearing Month—a crucial reminder for industries where noise is a constant companion. The construction industry, known for its cacophony of sounds, stands at the forefront of…

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Best PracticesRisk Management New York CitySafety Culture Construction worker on the ground after an incident, with Menotti Enterprise logo and text 'Incident Insights: Understanding Construction Accidents

Incidents in NYC Construction: Deep Insights by Menotti Enterprise

New York, a city synonymous with architectural marvels, is a beacon of construction activity. Yet, with such bustling development, the risk of construction incidents looms large. At Menotti Enterprise LLC, we’re committed to safety and believe in empowering our community with knowledge. This article sheds light on the most frequent construction incidents in New York,…

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Best PracticesDOBSite SafetySite Safety Plans Construction site safety plan in action

Site Safety Plan Compliance: Preparing Your Construction Site

Site Safety Plan compliance is crucial when preparing your NYC construction site for DOB inspections. DOB inspections are conducted by the New York City Department of Buildings to ensure that construction projects adhere to the city’s building codes and zoning resolutions. These inspections are crucial in maintaining safety standards and preventing construction-related accidents. The Department…

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ComplianceDOBIndustry News Image of NYC DOB Update on Upcoming Changes

Upcoming Violations for Unfiled Category 1 Elevator Test Reports

At Menotti Enterprise LLC, we strive to keep our clients informed about important updates and changes in regulations that could impact their operations. Recently, the Department of Buildings (DOB) issued a service notice that we believe is crucial for our clients and readers to be aware of. According to the notice, the DOB will start…

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ComplianceDOBEmployment OpportunitiesSite Safety A Site Safety Manager overseeing a construction site in New York City.

Becoming a Site Safety Manager in NYC’s Construction Industry

In the bustling construction industry of New York City, ensuring site safety is paramount. One key player in this process is the Site Safety Manager. But what does it take to become one? Let’s delve into the requirements, certification process, and responsibilities of a Site Safety Manager in NYC. Who is a Site Safety Manager?…

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ComplianceDOBIndustry News Image of NYC DOB Update on Upcoming Changes

NYC DOB Building Emissions Adjustments Deadline Extended

In a significant move, the New York City Department of Buildings (NYC DOB) has announced an extension to the deadline for submitting applications for adjustments to annual building emissions limits. This extension applies to the calendar years 2024-2029, providing a much-needed respite for building owners and managers. The NYC DOB has made it clear that…

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ComplianceIndustry NewsOSHA Updates to OSHA Regulations

OSHA Rule Change: Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has recently announced a significant rule change that will impact how businesses track and report workplace injuries and illnesses. This update, set to take effect on January 1, 2024, is designed to improve transparency and accountability, but it also presents new challenges for businesses. Menotti Enterprise LLC is…

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ComplianceDOBIndustry NewsSafety TrainingSite SafetySite Safety Plans Local-Law-81_MenottiEnterprise

How Does Local Law 81 Impact Your Business?

The role of the construction superintendent has been made harder and is no easy feat. Thanks to Local Law 81, construction superintendents have a lot more added to their plate, and if you’re not on top of these laws and applying them, it could be costly for your business. Local Law 81 of 2017 To…

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Best PracticesComplianceOSHASafety Culture A row of hard hats hanging on a wall

Hard Hats: A Comprehensive Guide

Hard hats are more than a symbol of construction and industrial jobs. They’re a lifeline, a shield, and a guardian angel protecting workers from the hazardous possibilities of their environments. In this comprehensive guide, we will uncover the significance of hard hats, the standards they must adhere to, and the precautions users should take to…

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Best PracticesRisk Management New York CitySafety Culture A graphic depicting the importance of site safety measures in a work environment.

Why Site Safety Should be Your Top Priority: A Wake-Up Call

Introduction The construction industry is one that is always buzzing with activity. Every day, we see the transformation of blueprints into tangible structures. This process, while fascinating, has its share of hazards. Site safety, therefore, becomes a matter of life and death. This blog post seeks to explain why site safety should be your top…

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Best PracticesRecognition Graphic depicting the process of workplace hazard identification and assessment as per OSHA guidelines

Hazard Recognition in Construction: A Comprehensive Guide

As we embark on the fourth week of the National Safety Council’s (NSC) Safety Month, the spotlight falls on a critical aspect of safety in the construction industry – hazard recognition. Understanding and identifying hazards are the cornerstones of maintaining a safe and productive work environment. At Menotti Enterprise LLC, a premier safety consulting firm…

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Best PracticesComplianceDOBIndustry News Image of NYC DOB Update on Upcoming Changes

NYC DOB Annual Boiler Inspection Reports Service Notice

Today at Menotti Enterprise LLC, we’re focusing on a crucial update from the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) that could significantly impact property owners and managers across the city. The DOB has recently issued a service notice concerning the failure to file annual boiler inspection reports for the years 2018 through 2021. As…

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Best PracticesIndustry NewsRecognition avoiding-heat-related-illnesses-nyc-construction-sites

Avoiding Heat-Related Illnesses: Your Guide To Staying Cool

Summer in New York City can be relentless, with high temperatures and humidity levels that can feel unbearable. For those working in the construction industry, the heat is more than just uncomfortable—it can be dangerous. This guide aims to arm you with knowledge and practical strategies to prevent and avoid heat-related illnesses and ensure safety…

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ComplianceDOBIndustry News Image of NYC DOB Update on Upcoming Changes

NYC DOB Retaining Wall Flag Service Notice

The NYC DOB Retaining Wall Flag is a new feature introduced in the Buildings Information System (BIS) Property Profile. This development is crucial for property owners and managers as it pertains to the inspection and reporting requirements of retaining walls. The LL37/08 Retaining Wall flag identifies properties with retaining walls or parts of retaining walls…

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ComplianceDOBIndustry News Image of NYC DOB Update on Upcoming Changes

NYC’s Rodent Abatement Law Update

Are you planning a construction project in NYC? If so, it’s crucial to be aware of the new Local Law 109 of 2022, which mandates rodent abatement during construction. NYC’s New Rodent Abatement law, effective from May 18, 2023, requires a licensed exterminator to treat the premises for rodent extermination for specific types of construction…

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ComplianceDOBIndustry NewsSite Safety Image of NYC DOB Update on Upcoming Changes

NYC DOB Civil Penalty Increase: Understanding the Changes

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) has recently announced an NYC DOB Civil Penalty Increase, which is crucial for all involved in the construction industry to understand and comply with. This increase pertains to the penalties for failing to file an acceptable Certificate of Correction for an Immediately Hazardous Class 1 Summons (AEUHAZ).…

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Industry NewsRecognition Emergency_Preparedness_in_Construction

Emergency Preparedness in Construction – National Safety Month

Welcome to the first week of NSC National Safety Month, where our focus is on Emergency Preparedness in Construction. This week, we’re diving deep into the heart of New York City to explore its robust emergency response systems and help you understand what happens when disaster strikes in the Big Apple. Emergency Preparedness: An Ounce…

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DOBIndustry NewsSafety TrainingSite Safety Image of NYC DOB Update on Upcoming Changes

Understanding NYC DOB’s Local Law 196: Renewing Site Safety Training Cards

The New York City Department of Buildings (NYC DOB) has issued a service notice reminding workers and supervisors about the renewal of Site Safety Training (SST) cards under Local Law 196. This law, enacted in 2017, mandates that workers and supervisors at large construction sites complete safety training and obtain Department-approved SST cards. These cards…

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RecognitionSafety Culture NationalSafetyMonth_MenottiEnterprise

Protect and Honor Your Construction Team During National Safety Month!

Safety is an ongoing endeavor in the world of construction. There is always more to learn and refine as we aim for new heights in our industry standards. New equipment, workplace practices, and ergonomic research all affect how we enable occupational safety and health on each worksite. Every year in June, we participate in National…

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Best PracticesComplianceOSHASafety Culture Incidents_vs_Accidents_MenottiEnterprise

Incidents vs Accidents: What’s the Difference?

In common language, we tend to use “incident” and “accident” interchangeably, with the latter having a more negative connotation. However, in the world of occupational safety, each word has a precise meaning. To complicate matters, there are various definitions for how “incident” and “accident” are used in the workplace. Whether you’re a site supervisor or…

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Best PracticesOSHASafety CultureSafety Training

National Safety Week: Stand-Down To Prevent Falls In Construction

How to Educate Your Team This National Safety Stand-Down Week The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has declared May 2–6, 2022, to be National Safety Stand-Down Week. Every year, this week raises awareness about critical preventative measures to reduce the rate of falls in construction. Falls from elevation are the leading cause of death for…

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Site Safety Plans Site-Safety-Plan_Menotti-Enterprise

What Is A Site Safety Plan? When Do You Need One?

Safety is essential for every construction project. It’s the duty of the contractor to ensure that every worker, client, and visitor is safe when they’re on-site. With all of the heavy equipment, materials, tools, and surrounding elements, construction sites are pretty dangerous. The best way to keep everyone safe is with stringent regulations. These regulations…

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Best PracticesEmployment OpportunitiesSafety CultureSite Safety Women-In-Construction-Week-MenottiEnterprise

We Recognize the Importance of Women In Construction!

The National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC) has designated the first full week in March, March 6-12 this year, as “Women in Construction Week” (WIC Week™) to celebrate women in the construction industry and raise awareness of what women can achieve in construction. WIC Week™ commemorates the history of women’s success in the construction…

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Best PracticesComplianceDOBSite Safety Site Safety Manager-Safety Coordinator-Superintendent

When Are You Required To Use A Construction Site Safety Manager vs Coordinator vs Superintendent?

3301.13.3 Designation of primary construction superintendent. The permit holder shall designate a primary construction superintendent, prior to the commencement of work, in a form and manner acceptable to the department, for the following types of jobs: The construction of a new building; The full demolition of an existing building; An alteration to an existing building…

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Best PracticesSafety CultureSite Safety Severe-Weather-Impacts

How Can Severe Weather Impact Your Construction Site? What Can You Do To Be Prepared?

Safety is of utmost importance on your construction site. However, even if you implement a robust safety program, Mother Nature may have other ideas. All the personal protective equipment and hazard reporting won’t do much to stop a storm. What precautions can you take against severe weather? How can you ensure that your equipment, structures,…

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Best PracticesComplianceSafety CultureSite Safety When-to-hire-a-safety-consultant_Menotti-Ent

When Should a General Contractor Hire a Safety Consultant?

Safety is one of the most important concerns that any general contractor will have. In fact, the profitability of their business actually depends on it. Without a safe work environment, they run the risk of injuries or damage that could set the job back, if not end it altogether. Ensuring that the job site is…

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Construction Management New York City MenottiEnterprise_HowtoPreventFallInjuries

How To Prevent Fall Injuries On Your Nyc Construction Site

Many construction workers fail to utilize proper fall protection for different reasons. It could be that setting up a ladder or harness takes too much time, and they can get much more done in a day if they bypass the proper safety precautions. Whatever the reason, the sad truth is that of the 1,008 deaths in construction…

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Risk Management New York City MenottiEnterprise_HowtoBuildCulture

How To Build A Culture Of Safety In Your Company

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of workplace accidents in the construction industry. OSHA has reported that the primary cause of these accidents is the violations of work-safety procedures. Because of the inherent dangers of working in construction, these accidents can have severe consequences. Because of this, it is of the utmost…

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Risk Management New York City MenottiEnterprise_6WaystoKeep

6 Ways To Keep Everyone Safe At Your Construction Sites

Being safe should be the first priority at any site or workplace. Most accidents at construction sites result from simple and common mistakes that can be easily avoided if enough effort is made. It is no secret that construction sites with heavy machinery and a lot of workers are very risky and anything can happen.…

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Construction Management New York City MenottiEnterprise_4MistakestoAvoid

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Construction Management Firm

4 MISTAKES TO AVOID WHEN HIRING A CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT FIRM The construction process is getting more and more advanced as technology and methods have expanded over time. Imagine how detrimental it would be to proceed with the building process of a project, only to lack the expertise of an experienced site safety management firm. You…

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Risk Management New York City MenottiEnterprise_HowtoSelect

How To Select The Right Construction Management Firm

It’s hard to believe that year-end is quickly approaching. For many professionals in the construction industry, now is the time to look ahead to projects in 2019 and beyond. With that in mind, it’s imperative to have a dependable construction management partner by your side. Don’t make the mistake of assuming every project manager is…

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Risk Management New York City MenottiEnterprise_WhatToKnow

What To Know About Site Safety Management

In the construction world, project managers and crews face constant pressure to meet deadlines and stay within budget. Such demands often cause safety to be put on the backburner. As 2018 comes to a close and you begin thinking about 2019 projects, remember the importance of site safety. Here are some strategies that can help…

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Risk Management New York City MenottiEnterprise_Top10OSHAViolations

The Top 10 Osha Violations Of 2019

Citations given by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for safety violations are a serious concern when it comes to construction management. With fines possibly reaching six-figure amounts, they can add serious costs to your project budget. That’s why it is so important to have a risk and safety management company to make sure…

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