At Menotti Enterprise we know that safety is not just about what you do today, but what you plan for tomorrow.  We partner with our clients in managing their safety risks by utilizing onsite safety professionals and creating key safety planning solutions such as Health & Safety Plans (HASP), Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), and Site Safety Plans (SSP).

As an expert safety consulting company, we are skilled in deciphering the unique safety needs of each business, in addition to ensuring that all mandates, regulations, and OSHA requirements are met. Our team will take the time to learn about your worksite and your employees to craft the best safety plan possible for optimal success.

Our safety planning solutions include the creation and implementation of key safety plans, programs, and manuals that will be the foundation of your entire safety program.

Safety Plans for Construction Companies

NYC Safety Planning

Our dedicated safety planning team will assess your project, consult all applicable building codes, meet with your onsite team (if needed), prepare your drawings, and see your plan all the way through till we get an approval. We can design any of the following plans for your project that are guaranteed to conform to building codes in your jurisdiction: 

  • Site Safety Plans
  • Dust Mitigation Plans
  • Noise Mitigation Plans
  • DOT Logistic Plans
  • FDNY Pre-Fire Plans
  • Tenant Protection Plans
  • Occupant Protection Plans
  • Adjacent Property Protection Plans
Request Safety Plan
NYC Safety consultant giving guidance and advisement to construction staff
Policies and Procedures

It is essential that every business has a high-quality, understandable policies and procedures handbook. At Menotti Enterprise, we have safety manual experts who will write carefully crafted directives for your business.

This service is for companies who need a brand new manual or are simply looking to update their old one. They are written based on safety specifics for the construction industry and are customized for each unique business. Our policies and procedures handbooks are cohesive with OSHA and local regulations. They are written in a simple, streamlined manner that makes them a great tool for all employees. 

We create our manuals in a unique and personalized manner, getting to know your business, your employees, and your needs. We assess your worksite and team in order to develop a manual that is both regulation and needs-based. Our manuals are a great training tool for your new employees, as well as a way for all team members to refresh their personal safety compliance. We can design any of the following programs:

  • Corporate Safety Programs
  • OSHA Programs
  • Site Specific Health & Safety Programs
  • Health & Safety Programs
  • Hazard Communication Programs