There are a variety of safety regulatory compliance issues that must be dealt with to keep people safe, and it can be stressful or even financially crippling if things go wrong. This is why you need a safety partner that can help you by Building A Safer Tomorrow, Today™. 

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Many businesses are in need of new safety consultants, but how do you choose the right ones? While it is tempting to hire the first one you see, there are other factors that you should consider before making a decision. While you are reviewing their reviews, make sure to consider the safety consultants’ track record. These professionals have been helping companies like yours for years, and they know how to handle workplace safety.

Safety consultants can help your organization develop an effective safety training program. These programs can teach workers how to perform their jobs in a safe manner while meeting the safety standards set by OSHA. A good safety training program will deliver sessions as soon as employees are hired, when aspects of their work assignment change, and yearly. Certain positions require more specialized training.

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Do your projects have more injuries and incidents because the workers on site lack adequate safety training? 

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For every $1 you spend preventing injuries, you can put an average of $4-6 back into your bottom line.

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As a leading safety consulting firm, Menotti Enterprise offers a comprehensive range of safety solutions to meet the unique needs of construction sites. Dedicated to providing the highest level of service, our team is fully knowledgeable with the federally mandated Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and equipped to meet all local mandated regulations required by the NYC Department of Buildings. Feel at ease knowing that we are your safety consultants.

A safety consultant will not only provide recommendations on how to improve workplace safety, but they will also help you implement policies and procedures to keep your workers and customers safe. They will also train employees on safety procedures and help companies install equipment that helps protect people from accidents. In addition to the benefits of working in a safe environment, a career in safety consulting is very rewarding. You will be able to make a difference in people’s lives and make a difference in organizations. Book a free consultation today!

Is Managing Your Safety Compliance Becoming Stressful And Expensive?
Do your projects have more injuries and incidents because the workers on site lack adequate safety training? 
Are you tired of blowing through your budget and watching your overhead costs consume your profit? 
Do you find yourself exhausting more time on legal claims and repeatedly missing completion dates because of safety related project shutdowns?
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When it comes to construction, we believe that your reputation should be defined by your work and not your mistakes. Don’t allow the complexity and unforgiveness that comes with safety being improperly managed on your watch. Calling us today is the first step to reducing incidents, lowering overhead costs, and eliminating preventable delays. Don’t let this project be your last, make safety a priority with the safety experts at Menotti Enterprise.