Think of a construction manager as an advocate for you, the building owner. At Menotti Enterprise, our team’s objective is to provide world-class construction management services to our clients while exceeding their expectations. Keep reading to learn more about our expertise and how we can be of assistance during your next project.There are a number of construction management firms in NYC. So then what separates Menotti from the rest? For one thing, our team has decades of combined experience in all aspects of construction, management, and engineering.

Perhaps your project entails just a few minor renovations. On the other hand, it could be that you’re looking for an experienced construction management team to help with a $1 billion program. In either case, Menotti Enterprise is up for the job. We specialize in various sectors, including government, education, retail, commercial, residential, maritime, aviation, and others.

✓ Supervision  ✓ Coordination  ✓ Pre-Construction ✓ Scheduling ✓ Closeout

Site safety plays an integral in any construction project. Without the right precautions in place, your company could be looking at on-site incidents and future delays. This is where the team at Menotti Enterprise comes into play. Get in touch with our risk management professionals today and see how we can keep your upcoming project on track.
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You might be debating whether to hire a construction manager or general contractor. Here’s the thing: Construction managers are part of the project from beginning to end. At Menotti, we will work with the design team to suggestion any construction materials and/or methods that will reduce costs and improve quality.

When you hire a construction management firm, there’s no need to deal with various contractors or even receive bids, for that matter. A construction manager can ultimately save your organization weeks or months of time.

Menotti Enterprise will walk you through the processes of supervision, coordination, pre-construction, scheduling, and closeout. For years, we have provided top-notch safety and risk management services to clients. As a family owned and operated business, our team is always dedicated to your project. Why settle for a run-of-the-mill contractor when you can team with the best construction management group in NYC? Reach out to Menotti Enterprise today.


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